If we cannot lower your lighting energy consumption and enhance your quality of light in your facility by replacing metal halide fixtures with Versabay fixtures:


High Falls Premier Electric is a proud member of HBBA

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Focus on Energy

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CoryI'm excited to tell you about our new company, High Falls Premier Electric. We are a full service electrical contractor in the state of Wisconsin. My name is Cory Piontek. I'm the Project Coordinator and the Master Electrician for our company. My wife, Carla and I run our family owned business out of Crivitz and New Franken to help better serve our customers. We provide commercial, residential, and industrial services.

I have served a state indentured apprenticeship and received my masters' license in 2008. Our company has licensed electricians with over 20 years experience and we can offer excellent ideas to improve any project. I also work with a lighting specialist who can take you through a virtual tour of your finished project before you even break ground! You will know exactly how your lights will illuminate your home, business, or parking lot.

Currently, we have been helping local businesses by reducing their utility bills each month. Focus on Energy® is currently offering financial incentives of $60-90.00* for each Metal Halide fixture that is replaced with a qualifying high bay fluorescent fixture. With this incentive, our customer's investment will pay for itself in the first two years!

We pride ourselves on customer service and customer satisfaction.

We are also proud members of the Crivitz Building Association and HBBA - Circles of Influence.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to call or email me using the "Contact Us" link above. I look forward to meeting and working with you all.

Thank you,

Cory Piontek
Project Coordinator
High Falls Premier Electric

*Focus on Energy incentives are available to customers of participating electric and gas utilities.

 The Department of Energy estimates that energy costs RISE 6% EVERY YEAR!

 That means if you currently have a $500 - $700 electric bill every month, in five years your electric bill could be $669 to $936 a month!

 Your current Metal Halide High bay fixture draws between 430 watts and 450 watts, NO MATTER what the light output is.

 2x4 Versabay draws 218 watts, a 50% SAVINGS on your lighting bill every month!

 Versabay will retain 90% of its initial light output.

 Metal Halide High Bay loses 50% of its initial output.

 NO DOWN TIME with a Versabay.

 Versabays have a five year warranty.


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